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We made it easy to take action on feedback! Here's how.
Written by Mara Somesan
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In this article, you'll learn: 

Why are Actions vital to your success as a leader?

Through the automated feedback loop, your team will start making an effort to share feedback. Having a safe space for employees to share opinions, thoughts and worries is exceptionally valuable for you and your team. You'll be able to counteract challenges and act before the damage is done, ensuring the best conditions to create and uphold a thriving team.

That being said... It will have unfavorable outcomes if you start asking for feedback and don't communicate or take action based on it. 

Why? Because your lack of action will indicate that their time and efforts to share their opinions and worries are pointless. On the contrary, taking action will make team members feel recognized and influential, improving your relationships significantly.

But figuring out exactly what to do can feel overwhelming...

  • What should you prioritize first?
  • What is a suitable action?
  • How should you communicate to your team bout it?

This is the exact reason we developed our Suggested Actions. 

How did we create the Actions?

Successteam is built on 100+ years of experience with leading high-performance teams and training/coaching leaders in all companies, sizes, and environments. On top of that, we periodically bring in industry experts to verify our content and ensure that it is authentic to the challenges that people experience in a "real-life" workday.

We've also rewritten the most useful and entrusted known leadership and team performance methods so that they are easy to understand and execute for any type of leader, experienced as well as inexperienced. This includes methods such as SCRUM, 1-on-1 Meetings, SWOT, 30-60-90 Plan, Active Listening, NUF Test, Agile Teams, and many more...

This is the foundation of our Suggested Actions.

*It is also possible to create your own Custom Actions based on your experience and share them with other team leaders. 

Here's how it works:

All Successteam Indicators correlate to a vast number of feedback statements. The statements are particularly created to fit specific industries and work environments to ensure qualitative unbiased feedback, although it's pre-written and automated. 

Each Feedback question has a minimum of 3, but typically 5 or more, suggested actions connected to it. This means that whenever you, as a leader, see an indication of a challenge in your team, you also have concrete actions to browse through related to it. 

In other words, each identified challenge has multiple thought-out solutions based on best practices and known entrusted methods. 

They work in 3 layers:

  1. First, you have the feedback statements in a color reflecting your score.
  2. Below you have the Suggested Actions or the option to create your own.
  3. And within the Suggested Action, a method can be recommended. You can recognize an underlying method by the capital-lettered orange link (e.g., ATOMIZE). If you click the link, you'll be able to read into the method and better understand how to complete this action.

Manage Team Actions

The last step is managing your actions, which we also made effortless for you.

Each dashboard has a Your Latest Actions overview, displaying your chosen actions and their status. If you are more than one leader in the team, you'll be able to see other team leaders' actions as well. 

You simply drag and drop each action into the suitable bracket to manage your process.

You can browse or pick Actions either through Feedback to Act on, on your Dashboard, or through your Team Insights page.

See the video below to get a sense of how Actions work. 

When you start taking action on your challenges, you'll slowly see the colors change and feel your team improving. There's nothing more satisfying!🤌🏼

If you haven't created a workspace already, do it now, and start becoming a Successteam. Otherwise, log in and start taking Action.🎯

Or, if you have any other questions, you can always email us at support@successteam.com or write to us in the Help chat from the website or platform.


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