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The Successteam colors explained

Here's a short guide to what the colors say about your team.
Written by Nadia
Updated 6 months ago

The 4 colors definitions

In Successteam, you see your team score and status through colors. This gives you an easy and quick overview of how critical a team challenge is or how much you as a team excel within a specific area.

When you have enough data, you will see the 4 main indicators in your main dashboard in either GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, or RED, depending on how your team gave feedback the past month. If you see BLUE or GREY, it means that less than 4 people shared their feedback, and we can't show you the colors yet, because of anonymity. 

A look at a potential scenario could look like this:

To ensure anonymity, we can't show any data yet, because less than 4 people gave their feedback.

Indicates an "almost" perfect score where your team is giving feedback in a way that suggests that they are happy and motivated.

Indicates that your team is a little dissatisfied, and there is room for improvement in this area.

Indicates that your team has serious challenges in this area. We would suggest leaders take Action on orange challenges proactively.

Indicates that your team has critical challenges in this area. Leaders should take Action to improve on red challenges immediately.

The colors under Team Insights

The same 4 colors are used in the Team Matrix where the 4 team indicators are broken down on the 3 levels : Individual, Team Culture and Leadership level. 

The rules are the same. RED indicates critical challenges, ORANGE general challenges, YELLOW room for improvement and GREEN says you are doing great! :)

All team scores are calculated based on the anonymous weekly/monthly feedback that is collected from all team members. The more feedback, the more accurate scores!
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