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How do the Insights work?

Learn about the Successteam Insights
Written by Mara
Updated 6 months ago

Successteam is all about using feedback to improve your Team. 

So, under Insights, we help you understand precisely how your Team Feedback is distributed and which statement triggered your score. 

When you click "Insights," you'll see the Matrix in your Team. Here you see all 12 indicators and how you are doing within each specific area. 

You can click in a particular box, and see all the statements that your team members gave feedback on within this Indicator. 

Next to the statements, you see a pie chart and a number, showing you how many team members gave feedback on this particular statement. The pie chart shows you your overall engagement level in percentages. 

You can see precisely how many members of your Team answered and how they answered. E.g.: 

  • The 3/5 means only 3 out of the 5 team members in this Team responded to this statement. So the statement is blue because we need at least 4 team members to respond to ensure anonymity. 
  • Also, on each statement, you see the colors on the left side. The colors indicate how your Team feels about this area. 

Colors Explained: 

To ensure anonymity, we can't show any data yet, because less than 4 people gave their feedback.

Indicates an "almost" perfect score where your team is giving feedback in a way that suggests that they are happy and motivated.

Indicates that your team is a little dissatisfied, and there is room for improvement in this area.

Indicates that your team has serious challenges in this area. We would suggest leaders take Action on orange challenges proactively.

Indicates that your team has critical challenges in this area. Leaders should take Action to improve on red challenges immediately.

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