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Statements and colors - How does it work? 

How does the statements work, and what does the color mean?
Written by Nadia
Updated 1 month ago

On a continuous basis (weekly/monthly), team members will answer short statements based on the 12 indicators we measure on. The responses are completely anonymous and will only be shown to a team leaders in the form of colors and an average score based on the normal distribution of the answers. 

There is a pool of 1000+ statements, and they are randomized so that the team won't get the same statements each time they are asked for feedback. The statements are regularly updated and improved based on user experience and relevancy. 

A team member just has to answer on which level they agree with the specific statement. From "Totally disagree" to "Totally agree." 

Read more about Feedback and Statements here.

Based on the feedback, team leaders will get indications of how the team is doing through colors. The 4 main indicators, (Performance, Motivation, Satisfaction, Stress-free), will show and an overall score.

A leader will also see colors next to a specific statement, indicating whether the team mainly answered positively or negatively.

What does the colors mean?

Read more about the colors, and how we calculate them here. 

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