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How is team feedback collected?

Here's an overview of the easy process of asking your team members about how they feel. All completely anonymous.
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Updated 6 months ago

As soon as you start the feedback collector, each team member will receive an invitation to take part into a new team feedback session. Either on a weekly or monthly basis ( * PRO feature).

Once they are ready to start, they will be asked to rate a set of team-related statements based on their perception over the team.

Here's how it looks: 

The answer to each statement is immediately stored into your team insights collection and used in the calculation and continuous update of your team's overall status. 

The Statements

All statements are connected to either Performance, Motivation, Satisfaction, or Stress. And they are formulated to ask within the Individual, the Culture, or the Leadership

The statements are generic and will fit into most work environments. There is a pool of 1000+ statements, and they are randomized so that the team won't get the same statements each time they are asked for feedback. The statements are regularly updated and improved based on user experience and relevancy. 

Here is a couple of examples of statement: 

  • "My leader is engaged and involved in my career development"
  • "My colleagues seem to have a good work-life balance"
  • "My team has created a positive work environment"
  • "I feel comfortable and unstressed"

Read more about the 12 Indicators and how they are calculated here. 

Do you still have questions? Write to support@successteam.com, and we'll answer your questions as soon as possible. 

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