🙋How do I change the Feedback loop?

Change feedback frequency, number of statements, and report frequency
Written by Berglind
Updated 4 months ago

It's very easy to change the feedback loop settings!

Follow these steps or see the video below.

On your Team Dashboard, there is a top banner that shows you the active feedback loop. This is where you change your loop.

Remember that your new settings will only take effect after your report on current Team Insights has been sent out. 
  1. Click on the three dots next to the pink bell icon and select "Edit Settings"
  2. In the settings, you can choose
    1. How often should your team members give feedback
    2. How many statements should team members rate when they give feedback
    3. How often you receive a report with Team Insights
  3. Click "Ready" and your feedback loop is updated

Note that how often you receive a report with new Team Insights depends on how often you ask for feedback and how many statements are asked about.

You can test out different frequencies by using the slider when you choose your number of statements.

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