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How does the Actions work?

How to use the Actions feature, and start improving
Written by Nadia
Updated 6 months ago

Ready to take Action on the feedback? We made it easy for you.

When you ask your team for feedback, the single most important thing is to act on that feedback. Making your team members feel recognized and influential when they share their opinions and worries. But for any leader, it can be tricky to find the right actions to take. 

That's why we provided the Actions feature. Based on 35+ years of experience with training leadership, team building, organizational and personal coaching, as well as known methods and research. We suggest which actions to take within each Indicator challenge you have. 

Challenges are identified within the 12 indicators. That means the statements that triggered the challenge will always be within Performance, Motivation, Satisfaction, and Stress and be worded to ask within the Individual, the Culture, and the Leadership. 

Read more about the Indicators here: What are the Indicators?

Follow the step-by-step guide below or watch the short video. 

  1. Click "View and Improve" on the Team Dashboard and go to your challenges.
  2. In the top, you'll see within which indicator the Challenges are, e.g., "Challenge within Motivation/Culture." This indicates which area you need to focus on when picking an Action. 

  3. Click on "What statements triggered this?" in the right corner to see which specific statements have a score that indicates a challenge. The scores are displayed in colors. Learn what the colors mean here: What do the colors mean?

  4. Now go through your challenges one-by-one, and pick the Actions you would like to take. Most Actions are a process, not a one-time task. The important thing is to start making a change and communicate with your team. 
  5. On your Team Dashboard under "Your actions based on challenges," you will see which Actions you picked and be able to "Start Progress" when you are ready to improve in this area. 

  6. When you have done the Action, simply click "Done" and move on to your following Action. 

When you start taking action on your challenges, you will slowly see the colors change and feel your team improve. You'll be a Successteam in no time. Good luck! 

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